Monday, 4 August 2014

The Protector Super Series Finals

On 11th April 2014 I received my ticket to attend the  the Rugby Protector Series final at Kyadondo rugby grounds.
This final  was between the Protectors and the Crocodiles. The curtain raiser at 2:00pm was between Hanah and Kololo. Which ended at around 4:30pm.

Uganda's population has more than 70% of its population under the age of 30years. Goodness! The reason being either the wars, AIDS or Ugandans do not have enough education on the consequences of poor birth control.

The most likely consequence would then be a poor quality population. Reasons being among others a high drop out of school, early marriage, high fertility rate like in oyam, kabale, mubende, karamoja, ignorance of safe family planing methods, peer pressure, sexual network , poverty etc. Some people can not afford the safe sex methods.

In an effort to reach the youth a rugby tournament was arranged. KMCC did the plays.

The theme was "If it is not on it is not safe".  The the majority of the turn up was in the age group below 35 years.
Protector Super Series underway at Kyadondo Hanah vs Kololo with the Smartplay logo

And true to that effect youth were asked to take care of their sexual lives.

The Protectors just before the final game. Rugby super series. Kyadondo grounds

 Though the protectors lost to the crocodiles, the key message was passed on to the youth. Take charge of your life. Do all you can. Act smart and use a condom.

Go get them .....

This was the gem of the night. Which went to the crocodiles....

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