Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Kampala Heat

This Kampala heat is something that is not to go away soon. I really don't know what happenned to these weather forecast stations. In the beginning their forecasts were way too random and disappointing I should say.
What comforts me though is that this place is not as hot as the coast.
At 5 am it is very easy to be fooled by the cool morning breeze.
This is a view of Bugolobi under the 11 am sun.
By 11 am the heat has built up and you realise you have no option but brace yourself for the days heat. If only we could borrow a leaf from the Tuareg people of the Sahara. Instead of taking cold drinks, we could take hot tea. Or in my opinion, if you have the time, look for a swimming pool ... and dive into one. But most likely the water will be equally warm.
A view of Mbuya hill under this sun.
By 1 pm time the whole heat wave is on. Because heat effects appetite, you won't enjoy your lunch meal as much.
The night isn't even better. The early night is as hot as the day.
Its at times like this, that I miss the  rains.

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