Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Hustle of Kampala City, Uganda.

Its Tuesday morning and am on my way to town to meet Edward, an old friend. I board a taxi from Bulenga 9 miles along Kampala - Mityana road. On my way I couldn't help but notice how busy the city centre was. It was 9:30am in the morning and the sun was still soft on the skin. Every body went about his/her business not perturbed by the noise of the city. Newspaper vendors, pedestrians, coblers at the side of the road...just name them, were all going about thier work like their lives depended on it. And I bet it did. I had this appointment at 11.00am at a Restaurant on the 2nd Floor on Nabukerra Arcade. Its located below the New Taxi Park. I just made it 15 minutes before time only to find Edward not yet in. I settled down and asked for "Katogo" and milk tea as I waited. The restuarant was not very busy, with a only few customers. I had time to look across to Mukwano arcade across the street. And if there is anything Kampala people should be greatfull about, it should be the weather. It was great. I took in the beatiful view of the city for those few minutes I had to myself. I managed to take some few snaps...just before Edward walked in. Time check was 11:05am. Then the meeting began.

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